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city. the fnal core looked gooo... aaten point win by the ravens over the rowns! but hoo the ravens got that final score has many ans and coaches shaking their heads this morning. the ravenssssart quickly...rookii bernard pierce with his first t- d run ...a 12 yard run the ravens pten goes into hibernation, 6 straight "3 and outs" lets the browns back n the game..this fifth of the game, gives the quarter...but joe flacco brings the ravens back! a 19 yard catch nd run by &ptorrey smith for the go head touchdown..they add a justin tucker field goal and take a harr fought 25-15 victory. &p3 3 3 3 the ravens now hold a one game the ravens now the raaens now hold a one game lead over the 3 steelers in the a-f-c north. and it sounds nice to say the raaens are in first place... but is that all that reelly mat? matters? joel d. smith is live in towson to seeeif fans can accept that "this is the way the team plays"..... good morning joelld. (ad lib) when can we dominate a team? team? dommnateea team? team? when can we (aa lib) when can we dommnate aateam? team? p it looked t
a fight a breaks out at a baltimore county flea market. a good night for the ravens as they finish ahead of the oakland raiders. pasqlus -- >> david petraeus. what his departure means on capitol hill. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. >> live, local, and late- breaking, this is 11 news at 6:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> the sudden resignation of cia director david petraeus over an extramarital affair has sent shock waves through washington. the ripple effect is being felt on capitol hill, where they are getting ready to hold hearings on the deadly attack on the american consulate in libya. david petraeus conducted his own investigation. top lawmakers say they want to know what petraeus knows. >> if the general does testify, it will be as a civilian. as president obama saluted veterans at arlington national cemetery -- >> thank you. to honor you. >> washington was consumed with the fall of one of the nation's most celebrated military heroes -- cia director and former general david petra
3 the ravens take down the browns.the plays that had fans on edge right to the very end..-& 3& and... the medical excuse your kids might be ablee &pto use... to ggt out of math class. 3 3 3 3 monday, november 5th. 3 3 3 3 3 3 police are stepping up patrols in ells poinn this mooning... after a woman was attacked and - sexxally aasaulted in the ssreet. street.megan gilliland is live &pin fells point residents nd - visitoos there. 3 -3 3 visiiors therr.residents and with a warning o live in fells point with a warning to & resiients and visitors there. good morning guysaround this time of orning... you see a lot of people out here jogging... and walking their dogs.on friday... sometime &pbetween 5 am and 7 am... a 20- year ll wommn was out for a run... when she was attacked - by a maskeddman right in the strret. street.police say he was armed with knife and pulled her into a dark area of fells point where he sexually assaulted her.the exact location of tte attack is unclear right now. of the attacker... police are 3 to be on the lookout
the whistle blows and the bullets are live, i expect nothing more than traditional ravens. >> kicking off with the ravens karen down at 6:30. gerry sandusky live from hines. all your post-game information and more. spend all night with us on wbal-tv 11. did the ravens get some help from an unlikely source? >> gerry told pete it was balmy, so to speak. >> deal is being relative, pittsburgh weather is fine for football. they don't mind if it's a little cool out. temperatures have dropped off in pittsburgh. the have dropped into the 40's and we have some high, and clouds -- high, thin couds. there weather is looking pretty good. we are watching rain to the south, but the specific forecast, mostly clear and chile with temperatures and to the 40's. for the fans come maybe another chance. >> a great weather today for the good neighbor day. the biannual event bringing altogether volunteers of colleges to help various seniors' prepare for winter. they also helped clean up some debris left over from hurricane sandy. the mayor of baltimore says she once residents to see how voluble it is to volunt
were silenced for about an hour. trying to earn home field advantage for the playoffs. the ravens have now won 15 straight home games. for touchdown date for joe flacco. the ravens had 20 more planes than ray rice had rushing yards. think of that. you never see the ravens with more points than rice has rushing. as for torrey smith, big second half. the first one capped the opening drive of the third quarter. with that kind of speed, that is a suite 6 points. the same result later on, flacco to torrey smith. good concentration by torrey smith. now comes the big challenge. joe flacco tacked on a rushing touchdown of his own. >> it seems like all the good teams, forever reason, or maybe it's because -- i have to tell you, we have won a lot of games here. women not be as successful on a consistent basis, but we played very well -- we may not be as successful. >> the ravens head out on the road, but things could change in a hurry in the nfl. a couple of weeks ago, the ravens look like a team with big problems. now they have a 7-2 record. much more on the ravens upcoming road trip to pittsbu
recovery. 23 emergency medical providers are also assisting in the effort. >> ravens fans could have slept easier last night after the ravens came back to beat the cleveland browns yesterday. the rookie quarterback had under 200 yards passing. ray rice had a score in the first quarter. the browns would take the lead in the fourth quarter thanks to their fifth field goal of the game. the ravens won 25-15. >> 41 degrees at the airport. a staff sergeant has to a military court today. >> a welcome distraction for children. a belated halloween. >> this is the beltway at liberty road. more on weather and traffic when we come back. >> welcome back. 46 degrees downtown. there is some cloud cover hanging over the city this morning. no precipitation. it will stay chilly. 38 in randallstown. 41 in rock hall. we will start with some clouds this morning. the clouds will break up and it will become mostly sunny late in the day. a high temperature of 51 degrees. >> the staff sergeant accused will be any military courtroom later today. he is accused of murdering 16 people including nine children in afghan
pressure. that means dry and cool weather here and in pittsburgh. the ravens will not have any whether problems on sunday. south and east, some developments off of the carolina coast. some developments into virginia. right now, the wet weather stays to the south and east into early next week. sunshine tomorrow. a beautiful november day. a little on the cool side. not much of a breeze on the bay. the waves only about 1 foot. if you are rolling into the mountains over the weekend, sunny skies. 40's for the highs. 20's for the lows. classic fall weather in the mountains. the eastern shore, sunny skies to mark. clouds moved in on sunday. that will keep temperatures in the low 50's. at the coast, more clouds. maybe eight sprinkle sunday into monday. the development will get stronger and closer. football in pittsburgh on sunday evening, clear and chilly. when you watch on tv, sometimes you hope for a wintry mix. it will be calm as far as the weather goes on sunday evening. 53 and sunny tomorrow. mostly cloudy and 53 on sunday. partly to mostly cloudy on monday. on thanksgiving day, mostly su
the ravens.. rush the raiders. what anquan boldin dii when a raiders defender got in his face. and... know your flu long it takessfor the vaccine to actually protect you from the viius... and four other flu facts yyu need to now. 3 3 3 monday, november 12th. 3 3 3 3 a full year after a horrible fire burns down aasoccal landmark.. the mount just like the owners promiied. back wws nottan easy one. joel d. smmth is live theee now to show us the toughest part of rebuilding. good morning joel d. d. 33 3 a brawl at a baltimore county flea market sendssone man to the happened afternoon at the north point flea markkt in dundalk.police ssa two groups of people sttrted ffghting... anddone man ended up gettiig hit in the head with a rruberrmallet. the victim is expected o be o- &poffiiers won't confirm or ddn rumors that the incident was thh lawyer for a maryland man imprisonee in cuba says hiss client is suffering what amounns to torture.alan gross' lawyer sent a six-page letter to the u-n's anti-torture &pbeing denied certain meddcal 3 anti-torture treaty signed by cub
night matchup between the steelers and ravens. ravens.morgan adsit joins us now with a preview, morggn. it's's foo the lead in the a-f-c north...the first meeeing between the two his season...and the first in the nnxt two weeks.the ravens havee had this chunk marked down all pittsburgh... at san diego... then home with the steelers. 3the steelers are just as ready... swept last season by the ravens...embarassed week one here in baltimore... 35-7. then loot n a final drivv on thhir home turf....ccurtesy joeeflacco to torrey smith.. yyu still hear the ravens--teelers week hype... but as ittlost steam???these teams will look drasticially to or jimmy smith for baltimore. no antonio brown... troy palomalu... or bbn roethlisberger for piitsburgh.. yes, their q-b officiallyy ruled out on the steelers injury report.but the ravens don't believe injuries can sideliie big ben. "i don't believe you. i don'tt to me until proven innocent. r my thhory is ore like guilty until proven nnocent." the full injury report....and title game preview.that's a-a - coming up in sportt
,3 3 game nats nats the ravens ttke ddww the browns.the plays that had fans on edggerighh to the very end. and... a woman ssed for having an ugly baby.why the jjdge 3uled against her. - 3 ponday november 55h &pit's ourrfox45 "thhnks giieaw" giveaway!"we're giving way 100 dollar visa giffcards morning news through thanksgivi. thaaksgiving. 3 you have 15 minutes to call uss at 410--81-4545 to claim your p! the box?gg to facebook dot com slaah foxbaltimore and ccick rules. 3 shawan map 3 police rr stepping up patrols in fells point this morning... after a woman was attacked and street.megan gilliland s live - in ells point witt a warning to reeiients and visitors theee. good morning guys,around thhs time of morning... you see a lot of people out here jogging... and walking their dogs.on friday... sometime between 5 am and 7 am... a 22- year old woman was out for a run... when she was attacked bb a masked man right innthe st. street.police say hh was armed a dark area of fells point nto where he sexually assaulted her.the exact location of thh and with no ccear desc
polls? >> the ravens are becoming masters of the part of the ugly win. >> speaking of the ugly. .> i'm within arm's distance forecast is next. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. ." >> it was right there. good morning. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. the storm is coming. >> another nor'easter coming up the coast. it will not be like last week. 30 miles for our winds. it will probably be worse in new jersey than in baltimore. in the short term, nothing like that to talk about. some cloud cover but no precipitation. the clouds will break up as we go through the day. it was day chilly with a high of 51. we'll come back and talk about what you can expect on election day. >> good morning. we are tracking several accidents. this is southbound 295 and the accident is backing up traffic up towards 32. areas and accident at pulaski highway -- there is an accident at pulaski highway. the major roadw
about a statement victory. the ravens had a record win over the oakland raiders. this is a touchdown by joe flacco. that put the ravens up 17-30 . this is the first of a two touchdown passes to torrey smith. in the third quarter, jacoby jones takes a deep in the end zone. the franchise record for points scored in a single game. the ravens win 55-20. keith mills will have reaction coming up. there you go. >> 41 degrees at the airport. 5:07. a man walks in and opened fire. >> and explosion in indianapolis neighborhood. >> welcome back. 5;09. 62 degrees downtown. it will be another mild day today. i think we will get through the day today dry. 48 in pasadena. increasing clouds today. maybe some fog in some areas. rain will come in early todanig. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> officials are trying to figure out what caused a massive explosion in indianapolis. two people were killed in the blast and destroyed more than 30 homes. seven others were hospitalized. power was turned off to the subdivision. officials suspect it was a gas leak. a man p
in the next three weeks. after yesterday's demolition of oakland, the ravens are in position to travel with a lot of momentum. 55. at home yesterday. joe flacco found his tight end on the receiving end of one of his three touchdown passes. 13 carries for ray rice, 35 yards, one touchdown. when ray rice runs for a touchdown, the ravens usually win. torrey smith had two touchdowns. john harbaugh hoaxes offensive confidence makes the road trip to pittsburg. >> i am kind of a confidence guy. confidence is born of success. you did things well, it is a positive thing. every week does stand on its own, but playing well is a good thing. >> the defense gave up 422 yards yesterday against oakland. when it really matter, the ravens had some serious defense. paul kruger played like the ravens hoped he would yesterday. the ravens defense, with both mannings still on the schedule ahead. >> just a couple of plays that was out there, but the offense was playing good, which we needed that. defensively we were playing well, too. there's nothing that really cost us. >> maryland has made the first impact
if they are in line at 8:00, you can still vote. the polls will be open until 8:00. >> the home of the ravens is being commandeered tonight but maryland's top democrat. there continues 13 coverage at m&t bank stadium. what is going on there? >> right now they are literally preceding the ovens for the celebration. we can expect a lot of big wigs here. we are expecting podium speeches at around 9:15 tonight and celebrations, because none of the races for the democrats are exceptionally tight. they are keeping an eye on the president returns from virginia. those polls close first in the nation, and then from pennsylvania. they will also be keeping an eye on ballot questions which are very interesting and have brought a lot of voters to the polls. many are watching to see how maryland votes. they will be keeping an eye on the race for roscoe bartlett seat. they say he is expected to be unseated tonight, which would be huge, by someone who is running for the very first time. that is the big news from democratic party headquarters. right now they are getting ready for celebrations starting at about 9:15 ton
weather. if you are making the plans ahead, western pennsylvania, right now, for the kickoff of the ravens-steelers game, temperatures in the low 40's. york insta-weather plus around baltimore, a club for a few more days, into the upcoming weekend. showers chances start to increase, and our best chance for light rain will be monday next week. >> all right, tom, thank you. two teenagers face charges, accused of killing a washington- area cab driver. >> and a late october slaying of a young mother. >> the ravens catch a break. not fao >> well, the ravens are just days away from taking on the steelers. >> and it looks like they will not have to face ben roethlisberger. he suffered an injury and will not be on the field. what does that mean for this week? >> three weeks ago, it was the ravens dealing with key losses, and now, baltimore enters the game with the healthy effect -- being the healthier team. ben roethlisberger has tormented the ravens ever since baxter knocked out tommy maddox in a game in 2004. >> going deep. he is looking for his man. he has got him. >> a 9-5 record against the r
more days in round one of the ravens-steelers game. the ravens are missing webb, and the steelers missing ben roethlisberger you. you can also sue the game here on tv 11, kickoff set for 8:20. we will have much more coming up on the game. what is your favorite part of the ravens-stealers rivalry? you can send an e-mail to >> 38 degrees. it is scary scene in texas as a trend smashes into the side of a float on the right to a veterans day parade. officials said the train is not to blame. >> tears a live look at traffic. here is 83 at 116. we will have more weather and we will have more weather and traffic prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out. >> good morning. coming up on 5:10. temperature, 38, at bwi, 36. we do have some clouds out there. a little sprinkle to the south east. we will look at that an imminent. women look forward to the weekend and next week, temperatures will be on the cool side. we were warm a few days ago and then the storm came in and is taking the temperatur
ravens players today while helping out with a good cause. ray rice will be at stuff a bus. the event is happened at the shop rite in at that mownium -- timonium. they are teaming with up mix 106.5 to replenish the food banks and anyone who donates canned good eye teams will have a chance to wayne pair of tickets to a private screening of the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2. >> welcome to purple friday and one of two purple fridays the ravens fan will relish. they head to pittsburgh for a battle with the steelers. ravens are down ray lewis and webb and the steelers lost big ben to a shoulder injury and just like last year the ravens hold a one-game edge in the afc north over pittsburgh. kick off from the burgh 8:20 sunday night. >>> he is part of the team that brought baseball back to baltimore and is getting recognition for it. adam jones came in 6th place in the mvp voting and that's the most since 2004 when tejada came in 5th. johnson came in 14th and weeder 21st but let's get back to football. because as you mentioned, the steelers and the ravens this weekend something we look
, i'm jennifer gilbert. the ravens back innaction today... coming off bye week aad facing a very hot browns team that has won ttrre of its last four.and it just happens ballimore has a two very impressive streaks going director bruce cunninghaa joins us now to breakkdown today's game.bruce. were loooing to bounce back - today againsttthh cllveland browns...and hht's exactly ehat wwsnnt eeaatly what you'd calllan artistii successs but hey don't give style points n the's all ttat mattered: when the game ended, the ravens had more poinnsd, and 6-2.... the ravens started yarr run intothe end zone...the fiist of hiss career..and the ravens led stalled for a wwile afttr that, and he browns got back in the game..this philldawson field goal, his fifth of tte ggme, gavv the browns a onn &ppoint lladdin thefourth quarter.....but joeeffacco brought tte avens back a 19 smith for the go headd &ptouchhown..they added a ttcker fieed goal and took aahard fought 5-15 victory.... 3 we'll have much we'll haae much more oo the ravens' big win coming up on ouu xpandedsun
and a canton church will be sending out a surprise. >> ravens won, but this is an amazing story of team spirit. giving up the glory of a touchdown to help somebody. >> a week ago, we were staring san can i in the eye. it went north, just didn't go north, it ripped up north. richard has the story about a week of destruction. >> reporter: another day, another pilgrimage to the pump for hundreds of thousands. hurricane sandy has left behind a fuel famine. >> i've been waiting about 4 and a half hours, and it's an ordeal. >> reporter: while gas is low, frustrations higher. every time we come around, it's the same thing. >> reporter: some gassed up. >> i'm happy! >> reporter: but some scenes turned ugly. this man was arrested as he allegedly tried to fill a gas can from an off limited pump, the first of ten fema sites opened, dismentioning free -- dispenses up to free gas, up to ten gallons. lights are slowly coming back to life, but too slowly for millions. >> american red cross, we have hot meals. >> reporter: in many crip permitted community, -- crippled community, that means they rely on charit
but the ravens take care of business in cleveland. >> teams are meeting baltimore and helping victims of hurricane sandy. >>> i hope you had a great weekend, and got to enjoy the sunshine yesterday, enjoy it today. things are changing. >> here is lynette with a look of things to come. >> yes, enjoy today, the sun- cloud mixing it is cold this morning, that's the caveat of today. we have a freeze warning, because the temperatures are so cold, some spotses see the areas here shaded in the purple color, harford county, baltimore county, also howard county, carroll county, frederick, montgomery county, under that until 8:00 this morning dress appropriately for the temperature at 36 degrees, reisterstown, the winds will pick up throughout the day. be prepared as well. that 50 for a high is going to feel like in the 40s today. this morning, jessup 3. feeling like we are in the low 30s, this will continue in sykesville with the temperature coming in at 37 degrees now. the winds out of the north at 10 miles an hour. we are feeling it. as we look at the most powerful radar, not a lot to see, t
they need? we will have details tonight. >> will the ravens lose at home? we examine the prospects. >> breaking news out of bethesda. lockheed martin has confirmed its ceo has resigned over a personal relationship with a subordinate. the company says its board of directors asked for and received the resignation. an ethics investigation revealed he had a close, personal relationship with a subordinate employees. that violates the company's code of ethics and business conduct. for the only time this month, the division leading ravens will host a game. >> the raiders come to town, facing one of the most difficult places to play in the nfl, which would be right here. we have a preview of the game. >> there are no guineas in the nfl. -- gimmes in the nfl, so you cannot guarantee a win against anyone, but that said, sunday is about as close as you can get. the raiders are missing two key players. the ravens have not only consistently won at home, they score more per game than at the road -- on the road. sunday marks his first home game of the season and he is anxious for the pregame intr
, a look at what impact it will have on the taxes you pay as the ravens get ready to take on the oakland raiders in just about four hours we'll take you live to m&t bank stadium for what the team is asking fans to bring with them to the game. >>> we'll take a look at the forecast and the seven day. that's coming up just around the corner. stay >> welcome back. time 9 after 9:00. gorgeous night for us on this sunday morning. 48 at the airport. 51 downtown at the maryland science center. hardly a cloud in the sky. you might imagine it's going to be a nice afternoon. if you picked today to go to the ravens game, you picked a good one. temperature should already be in the mid 60s. light southeast wind going at 7 miles per hour. maybe you need a light jacket to start the day today for tail gating. by the time you're in the stadium, you might not especially if you're sitting in the sun. light pressure here. that's always good news for us. quiet conditions. winds out of the south. we're gonna make it up to 68 this afternoon. ten degrees abeefrj. average high 58. there's a strong cold front comi
. -- there raven's it delivered late on sunday for a 10. win. >> not everybody is happy with the reagan that six and two. i suspect a lot of raven's then watched the game feeling like an old married couple watching the screen and saying i don't even know you anymore. this one found its footing before mushrooming into major problems. the offense looked as precise as a navy seals team in the first quarter, absolutely spot on. the opening drive of 80 yards -- 7-0, ravens. the second possession, the ravens went right back to the running game. bernard appears in his first nfl touchdown. but the rate of only got one first down in the second quarter and didn't gain any yards in the third quarter. in the fourth quarter, the browns' quarterback looked like a go-ahead touchdown but called back because of an illegal formation on the grounds. a huge break for the ravens. nine minutes left -- finding tory smith. hitting the accelerator for 19 yards. the ravens convert on the two- point conversion. they beat the browns 25-15. 10 straight wins against cleveland. nobody mentioned anything about easy. >> people
ravens have put themselves in tremendous shape in the afc north. >> cris: they really did. for the pittsburgh steelers, blowing those two time-outs is huge! you can't make those kind of mistakes in big fames gamgames . >> al: baltimore winds it 13-10 with the wendy's postgame report coming your way next. . at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. >>> well, seven of the last nine regular season games between these two teams have been decided by exactly three points. but, now, the ravens have won the last three against pittsburgh, have a two-game lead in the division, they take their record to 8-2. the p
ida y vuelta. super semifinal oeste saunders 1 real salt lake 0 cortesia: mls/csn/nbc nfl: ravens vs raiders por la nfl, se viene la decima semana de la temporada regular y los ravens reciben en su estadio de baltimore a los raiders de oakland, sera un partido de la misma conferencia americna, los ravens como punteros de la division norte y los rairdes terceros en el oeste. en la jornada anterior los ravens derrotaron 25-15 a los browns en cleveland y los raides perdieron con los bucaneros. ravens contra raiders sera el domingo a la una de la tarde en baltimore. super ravens vs raiders domingo 1:00 pm en baltimore nba: wizards por la nba, los wizards tendrán un fin de semana de mucha ación, hoy en con los buls en el verizon center y mañana viajan a indiana para enfrentar a los pacers. previo a estos partidos, los wizards vienen de perder ante los celtics en el td garden de boston, el quinteto capitalino busca su primer victoria de la temporada regular. super wizards doble juego buscan primer triunfo y un talento local presenta su nueva llego el fin de semana, y siempre existen int
and dry. >> from the susquehanna. sports center, this is the 11 sports. >> earlier today, the ravens signed chris johnson to the roster. this has a lingering concern #the injury that kept smith out of the lineup last sunday against the raiders with a groin injury. the ravens will palay the steelers. they have injury issues including to their star quarterback. he has had 2 mri's. and mike tomlin called it "a sprain," but he remains elusive whether he will play against the ravens. the backup will start on wednesday practice as the starting quarterback. rivalry week could have a very different look. ward has retired. plenty on the line for the names to shine, namely first place in the afc north. john harbaugh knows the names may change, but the atmosphere does not. >> the below football, there's no greater place to be. -- if you love of football, there's nowhere better to be. those gains of always been great games. we have always felt like it's their rivalry and we continue to consider to be a great rivalry. we are excited to go play. we always are. we respect them and we love playing a
, taking them on. just huge games coming up in the nfc east and the afc talking about the ravens in just a second. and they could take a big page from the ravens for a lot of reasons. oakland, well, they will make any team feel good about themselves. and wait until you see how, you know, the birds, they will be rolling up the huge numbers here today. falcons and saints, they go down to the wire. that's another game that we're talking about. dunking there and the saints, dunking the falcons. they will get a big swift kick in the you know what. houston will roll on next. >>> all right, ravens don't lose at home unlike the redskins who only won one game at the last year and a half. baltimore, 14 for their last 14 at mmt bank stadium. i'll tell you what, this is what you would expect from oakland. falling over themselves on 4th down. and then the interception by paul krueger and it was all baltimore from there. ray rice the seven yarder. they took that for their career. and smith, look out going deep. 67 yards for him. making it 34-10. on it was 21-17 and the ravens with a fake field goal? w
downtown street. >> plus, ladies night out, the annual event celebrating female ravens fans. >> we can see the next storm already brewing to our south. see where it >> a 75-year-old man is in the hospital tonight after a house fire in anne arundel that ignited just before 6:30. it took about an hour for dozens of firefighters to get the fire under control. they found the elderly man in the basement. we are told his injuries are critical. no word on what sparked the fire. the red cross is helping three adults displaced by the fire. a woman is dead after she was stabbed in southwest baltimore. the victim, believed to be in her 50's, was found stabbed to death of around 4:00 this afternoon. police have not introduced the identity of the victim, the suspect, or the motive. >> a 32-year-old man is fighting for his life after a brutal attack downtown in broad daylight. police say it appears the beating was unprovoked. kerry cavanaugh has the latest. >> he moved to baltimore with his co front because they love the idea of city living. he is in a medically induced coma after a violent attack near
" officialsssay they aren't surprised by the numbers... given the shhrt time they had 4924 it's like the ravens in 2000, there's a hundred page playbook for a race,,but we only ran three pages,,three wanted to in the gamee this - playbook 37 organizers plan to do that with ssme chaages inncudingglowering the price of tickets. speaking of which... they'll begin selling tickets next month... in opes of taking advantage of the holiday shoppiin season. myranda steehens, fox45 neww at 5. 3 a former baltimore puulic orks employee pleads guilty tt &pstealing more han 30-thousan overtime. &p christine hoopee worked at center between september 2009 - ann aprill2011.... when prosecuttrs say she filed nearly 34 thousaad dollarr in &povertime for work she didn't dd.she plead guilty today to one count of theft and rrceivee a one-year suspended sentenceeshe's also ordered to repay the city more thann 22-thousand ddolars. he was given credit for the rest rom her unused sick leeve and vacatiin time. time. join... our waste watch. if... you see government waste.. call... our hotl
and getting it from ravens players. >> within 15 minutes, they are going to text back to me. they will be in to see me next week. >> coughman plans to make trips every week for the next several months. if you would like to donate, we included drop off locations in the story, find it on >>> when you hear anheuser- busch you think of beer. during the weekend the company shifted to a different beverage. anheuser-busch's georgia based brewery started producing cans of emergency drinking water, donating 44,000 clean cases of water in new york and new jersey, anheuser-busch helped victims of natural disaster by giving away water to those in need. >>> new york city marathon may have been canceled. instead of embarking the 26.2- mile race, they stayed in to the community to hope victims, thousands of people were delivering supplies and taking donations door to door. statin island was hit hard by the storm. >>> met life stadium in the wake of sandy, the knock giants played at home against the steelers. before the game there was a tribute honoring the victims. first resp
, and the baltimore ravens. i guess one thing could be positive if you're a mitt romney fan is the fact that the redskins win could spell good things for mitt romney. >> that's right, they call it the redskins rule, right? the most bizarre stat in sports. the redskins win, the incumbents win. if the redskins lose, the incumbent loses. thank you, dan, for that report. can you believe that? it's been going on since 1940. 17 of 18, that stat has held true. 17 of 18. >> got two days until then, and a long two weeks. >> wait for us to get into the political scene. >>> baltimore ravens are undefeated after the bye week. they needed a rally, though, today in cleveland to keep that streak alive. it's an afc north showdown between the ravens and the browns. brandon weeden's a rookie, maybe he didn't know cleveland lost nine straight to ray rice's ravens. rice ready to rumble. 8-yard touchdown run. 98 yards on the day. ravens up. browns take a lead late in the fourth. joe flacco. he hits torrey smith, a spin, tags his defender. gets in on a foot race and the 19-yard touchdown pass puts the ravens
but former cia director says how the latest directors of a terrible impact agency. >> the ravens and raiders kickoff in several hours. a preview of the matchup. >> you are watching wbal tv 11. coclive. local. late breaking. this is wbal 11 news at 11p. >> good evening. the cleanup carries on tonight in the areas hard hit by super storm sandy. more than 175,000 homes remain without power tonight in new jersey, nearly two weeks after sandy and lst weeks nor'easter. >> after talking with the utility's last night and again this morning, my belief is we will have almost 100% restoration by saturday night. >> many are still struggling to get by as relief and power are still uncertain in some areas. more help was on the way to one of those areas of new jersey tonight thanks to a convoy of maryland state troopers. >> 11 troopers from across maryland just arrived in the seaside heights of new jersey. 25 maryland troopers held in new jersey police get some sense of normalcy back to that region -- helping jersey police get some sense of normalcy back to that region. >> they are used in answ
for injuries, not even for steelers, but as injuries constitute a large portion of the game, the ravens is not shedding any tears. ben roethlisberger will not play sunday against the ravens. he may not make it back for the game later in baltimore. they have a quarterback on sunday instead, and that is not a bad option. >> competitiveness. highly successful. at one time, with jacksonville, he was one of the premier quarterbacks. he has still got those skills. he has got a lot left. he has not played a lot lately, so he is healthy, a strong arm, a very smart player. >> definitely, not disappointed to hear they are not playing, but you want to go out there and play your best. they do not have any excuses. >> and the ravens had the special teams player of the week. the kickoff return last sunday. jones was the first in franchise history in one area. it was worth a dance. also, a touchdown, the first of his career. a recovered fumble. averaging 52.5 in four efforts. either way, the special teams put together their finest season game. in new york, a serious. an over abundance of clowns. the j
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for you know who, the ravens. >> reporter: tell us about the ties, this is something that you do every year. >> every year. >> reporter: the proceedings help the children's center. wean we sell a tie 100% goes to the kids. >> reporter: you have been involved, you -- >> when we sell a tie, 100% goes to the kids. >> reporter: you have been involved what does it mean? >> i have been to the hospital, i toured it and i do this every year. we have different kids that means they're being healed. it is too muchky not talk about it because i get upset about it. >> reporter: it is a great thing today is miracle tie day. everyone should wear it. if you don't have one where can you find tut. >> most joseph banks stores have them. we have the 79.50, we have them. you will get one on liney was looking for the collection they look great. >> they look super. the kids did a great job. >> reporter: let me tell you the kids who go to hopkins children's center to be treated for whatever they have, they are asked to draw a favorite thing and those drawings are then given to the designers who put them on th
and lows in the 30's. >> this is an 11 sports. >> the start of the season, the ravens games have so many good quarterbacks. the position gets thinner by the day by injury. the ravens will play without jimmy smith. repairing a sports hernia injury. cory graham will we move into the starting lineup while chris johnson will get extended rules. injury prevented him from lining up. >> i have a lot of confidence in him. i thought i played ok. you watched the game and the film. there were some plays the maid in some they did not. both are proving every day. we're not asking them to do things that they cannot do. >> injuries to the ravens and the steelers will change the strategy and sunday night but not the stakes. the ravens and steelers have identical rankings on offense along with the same number of turnovers and sacks. now replacing ben roethlisberger, the numbers no longer reflect parity. he does not have to worry about facing ray lewis and the ribbons do not have to worry about facing ben roethlisberger. injuries do not count for excuses. with first place in the afc north on the line. >>
. this is special. coming up, a look at what the ravens did last year and the likelihood of doing it again on sunday. >> that brings us to our question of the week. is the game against pittsburgh a must win for the ravens? text your answer to this number. standard rates apply. we will have early results in the 6:00 newscast. >> your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> a weather system moving off the coast brought clouds and sprinkles south and east of baltimore across the lower part of the day. you can see the system is leaving our area as we speak. high pressure will settle in for the weekend. look at the clear skies to the west into pennsylvania and the great lakes. a good-looking weekend weather pattern setting up. it will be on the cool side. 52 degrees today. below average. this month has had cooler than normal temperatures. the morning low was 36. that is about normal. it is likely to be colder tomorrow morning. we're talking normal to below normal temperatures. the night times are what will be chilly through the weekend. the 40's on the lower eastern shore right now. 53 dow
ravens star running back ray rice is doing to make sure local families don't go hungry this holiday season. >>> first a live look outside. john collins has your insta weather plus forecast next. stay with us. 11 news saturday morning is just [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ >> good morning. clear as a bell out there this morning. it's really nice from that standpoint. little chilly. no rain nearby. on the radar we have to go all the way to florida or really all the way out to the plains, dakotas or west coast before we find rain, snow or stormy weather. it's the west coast that's really had the unsettled weather recently. with storms coming off the pacific ocean. they may play it a close call in our weather during the week next week. we'll talk more about that. let's go outside, see what's going on. it's clear as a bell outside right now. and temperatures right near freezing
filed. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> talk about making a statement. the ravens return to prominence with a record-setting win over the raiders. this was a touchdown in the second quarter to dennis pitta. the first of joe flacco's touchdown passes to wide receiver torrey smith. he was wide open pretty much. the ravens win big 55-20. >> 41 degrees at the airport. to my have experienced an in- flight destruction -- you might have experienced an in-flight destruction or two. >> how much somebody paid for the "wizard of oz" dress. >> a powwow this weekend. >> we will he tell your morning commute. >> good morning. we are starting you well with a live view from the skycam. pretty nice for a november morning. details on the forecast coming up. we are celebrating native american month with a big pow wow this weekend. there will be a book signing from some local authors. >> individuals with authors can come on out. an opportunity to spotlight our people. individuals are involved with things around the state. this is an opportunity to see the authors. >> best mill school age book and she will
the process. and the ravens extend their winning streak with a rought of the oakland raiders.the records they set in the process.coming up ext on fox 45 news at ten. macfarlane: it's amazing to me that the show has had the cultural impact that it has. for a long while, the simpsons was really the only show that had broken out in this way and i always hoped we would have a prayer of maybe doing that as well. and i think we've done that. ah! smith: one of the great things now is that we're syndicated. so, we're on all the time. and old people like us now. i have an auntie philly who's 92. she loves family guy and she won't let any of her friends in the room when it's on use old people talk back to the television. she wants to hear it. old woman: what? old man: huh? what? huh? what? i forget. i said it before, but we're so thankful to our fans for bringing the show back from the dead, that i almost feel like we owe it to them to give 110% every day to every episode. i try to interact with the fans as much as i can. i don't know if you can see right now, but i'm actually eight months pre
of mmssachusetts. he ravens are back in the win column!! ... but barely beatiig the browns is not the comeback moss fans were lookinggfor. let's go to plevelann browns stadium, where it looked like this pirst.the ravees start first. pierce with is fiist - d run ...a 12 yard run the ravens lead 14-0...but the offense then goes into hibernation, ggme..this phil daason field goall his fifth of tte game, gives the brownn a one point lead in the ffuuth uarter... but joe flacco brings the ravens back! a 19 yard they add a jjstin tucker fieed goal and ake a hard fought hold a one game lead over the steellrssin the a-f-c north. p the ravens might be 6-2 and still in first place... but theeway they did it has many jjel d. smith s live in towson to et the puuss of thh fans... and that pulse ate was geeting pretty high there in the fourth quarttr joel d. 3 hey guys... this is the official way that head oachh john harbauuh says the team playee.... eh eh.... moot would agree... why.... 3 (first td) ray rice... browns field goal6 straight 3 and outs... torrey smith... little bit of ev
the ravens. fan of the day award there. no score ravens, running the no hurdle. rice in from 8 yards out. baltimore up 7-0. you know what it's time to do. time to march. rice doing his thing. late fourth quarter, flacco pitches to bernard. down the sideline for a 12-yard touchdown strike. 14-0. flacco to the former terrapin, corey smith goes outside and the distance, 19 yards for the score. flacco is a perfect 10-0 against cleveland. >>> the colts hosting the dolphins. a big day for the rookie qb. 9-yard hookup. wayne getting glad hands from the fans. second quarter, tied at 10. dolphins' reggie bush, great moves. scores from 18 out. late hit put him in a bad mood. miami with a 17-10 lead third quarter. moves to his left and hits hilton. 36-yard touchdown. passes for two touchdowns, an nfl rookie record 433 yards to win, 23-20 to improve to 5-3. >>> coming up, one bright spot for the wizard despite the team starting with consecutive losses. that's coming up. so, maybe you're trying to figure out question seven. well, lelet me give it a shot. if you're ok with marylanders spending five hu
of the baltimore foundatiin joins us for this morninns hooetown hotspot.- history of the ravens.- ell us abouu the cleveland browns/ravens rivalry..ivalry. browns/ravens cceveland broons/ravens rivalry.-do youu have any of the originaa &pravens uniforms? pniforms? hissory of the ravens is taking place at the bbbe ruth museumm. yu ccn visit tte museum from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. everrday. fox baltiiore dot com slash morning. 3 3 3 3 3 it's our fox455"thanks giveaaay" piveaway!"we're giving away 100 dollar visa giftcardd every hoor, everyday on fox45 thanksgiving.through hanksgivi. 3 you have 15 minutessto call us at 410-481--545 to claim your priz! prize!wann to get your ameein the box?go to aceeook dot com slash foxbaltimmre and clickk on cootests" to fill out thee form and read the fficial rules. &pcominn up... prrss gaining aalot of attennion online.but it's not becauue of áhimmáthe iiternet... issnow good ime nats being sued for this sonn?we'll expllin why... áneex.áyyu're all local.. all morning. ((break 2)) 3 new this morning... today is &ppailor w
. >> they have a one game lead over the ravens and have a victory against baltimore so they own that tiebreaker. who do you think, assuming that houston gets one of the byes and the ravens right now fountain season were to end would get the other. who do you see getting that other bye in the afc? >> well, you really have to look at denver right now. they are playing better as the year goes on. we know peyton manning and that offense and they are going to put points on the board but i think what really has to have the broncos excited is the way their special teams and their defense is playing. today, a lot of sacks, turnovers. they got a defensive score. they have got von miller putting pressure on the passer and they are playing complete football. i like the way the schedule sets up for denver too coming down the stretch. >> yeah, their schedule is not too tough the rest of the way. thanks, tony. we turn to mike florio of pro football talk. take us through the significant injuries today, mike. >> bob, quarterback concussions were the injury of the day. michael vick in philadelphia left the firs
noww 3 of this little irl. why the ravens linebackerris talking aboot her on facebook. 3 the victims confront a killer. the message from mmn who shot his wifee 3 a multi million dollar heiit. how these thieves drove right out the front door. 3 3 the victims in 3 phe tuuson shooting massacre getting some closure today -- 3 sentencee the maa who killed six nd wounded 13 others. others. 3 dan springer... was in the courtrrom... as the victims... confronted the man... who tried tt end theii lives. -3 lives. 3 3--3 3 news."springer, fox 3 news." 3 -3 3 p3 she's caught the attention of tte ravens. why terell suggs -& says he's glad he won't have to play hhr. 3 33 a heisttstraight 3 3 her.won't have to play ssys hees glad he why ttrell suggs ravens. why teeell suggs sayy he's glad he why terell suggs ravens.attention of the she's caught the 3 3 3 3 news." 3&p 3 3 3 3 3 3 she's caught the attention of - the ravens. why terell suggs says he's glad he won't have to play h
. and i'm jenniferr ilbert, here's bruce ccnningham with sports unlimiied. 3 3 3 the ravens nd ben rrethlisburggr have a long history...heemay be the single biggest baltimore ttrmentor f this generation..and it looks sunday night..'t be playing thi night.. rothelisburger suffered a shoulder injury on this sack last nightagainst kansas city, and was forced to leave the hospital, and has been diagnosed wwtt a sterno-clavic- ularsprain, and is in a lot of mike ttmlin calls him questionable for sunday.. byyon leftwich will replace big ben if he can't go..the ravens ffced steeler backups &pin 2007 and 10 and won both says steelers minus three...we'll see...and at least one raven is gonna missol' #7.... 3 also, the ravens made a roster move today...rookie bobby reserve so tte ravens couldadd cornerback...ttey siined veteran chris johnson, who's played with oaaland,green bay and s louis....the move was in response to a lingering injury tostarter jimmy smith... smith... across town...despite leading the orioles to the biggest turnaround in baseball, aad theirfirs
-15. he is still adjusting to the rookie learning curve. in the first quarter, the ravens looked very effective. he walked in behind some great blocking. ravens led 14-0. he accounted for all of their 15 points. the browns' lead 15-14. flacoo to smith. this is becoming his move. race to the post from a touchdown. baltimore gets the 10-point win. it was a challenge but looks good in the standings. >> we have a lot to work on. we have a lot to work on last week. we will have a lot to work on next week. we will try to become a great football team. we're not there, but we have a chance to get there if we all come together and do what we need to do to get there. our focus goes to a very challenging oakland raiders team coming to our place. >> later in sports, war highlights -- more highlights and post-game reaction. >> still to come on 11 news at 6:00, a trip to the zoo turns deadly. a helicopter crash leaves two officers dead in atlanta. what went wrong in the >> a three-year old is dead after being mauled at pittsburgh zoo. the child fell from an observatory death in into an exhibit of a
a dinner. >> we continue to get updates. penske is donating trucks and several ravens players have made pledges. >> these are the heaters that they use on football fields. >> reporter: heat is head to go new jersey. these are torpedo heaters capable of warming a house in 15 minutes. >> as long as they want me to run the generator, we'll do from house to house. >> reporter: carry kaufman collected diapers, perishable food and baby clothe. >> that's what motivated me to think about it. our children are cold and damp. >> reporter: one van filled with bready donations, he has about $450 in cash donations along with big commitments. >> within 15 minutes, ed reid, text back to me sent pledges, they'll be in essemia give me money. >> reporter: it will be used to buy what families need. anything will be helpful. kaufman got this text from a friend in new jersey, the salvation army has bear shelves. after all maryland got the lucky. there are local neighbors leaving behind the bids and doing what they can to bring life back to new jersey. >> we're going up every tuesday, wednesday, whatever 10 w
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